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Today customers are more interested in what a brand does rather than what a brand says. They remember how a brand experience makes them feel and connect those feeling to the brand making strong associations. Furthermore, a company with an innovative brand experience can differentiate and deliver its purpose in a refreshing and engaging way.

Here are the 5 most crucial objectives that a company should follow for a successful and innovative brand experience:


Brands must have a very clear vision about their brand purpose (why they exist) and character (who they are and the values and beliefs under which they operate). Clarity and being precise are the most crucial foundations for any brand activity.

Understanding the target audience

An in-depth knowledge about the brands target audience and the culture surrounding them is the second most crucial foundation of a successful brand experience. Understanding what is important for the audience and what their tensions are, helps the brand identify how it can make a valued contribution to that culture. A business that is credibly resolving the tensions of its customers can develop a valued brand experience whilst building vibrancy into the brand in a meaningful way.

Brand Mission

Creating a brand mission allows the company to focus their efforts and attention on a specific goal. The most successful brand experiences are focused on their vision avoiding over-confusion and ensuring that their customers can understand it. The mission statement should be audacious and stretching, but also tangible and real to create coherence across all of the brand experiences, leading to effectively bringing the brand purpose and value to life.

Key moments

An understanding of the key objectives of the customer journey, allows a business to build brand experiences that deliver precise value to its customers. Every customer has a brand journey, both holistically and over time, therefore, by bringing value to the audience at key moments and showing understanding and care to its customers, a brand gains much stronger engagement. An innovative brand experience should be entertaining, problem solving and create a new utility across the customers’ journey.

Long term growth

The focus should be on long term growth and ensuring that the brand experience develops meaningful relationships between the company and its target audience. It may not have an immediate commercial payoff, however, the value coming from playing a vibrant role in the culture and continuously re-engaging customers using innovative approaches is leading to long term brand value building.


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