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360 Video 


Immersive or 360 videos are recordings that include views from every direction, all shot at the same time, using a rig of multiple cameras or an omnidirectional camera. It’s not something new as the history of immersive images can be traced back to a time before video even existed. The first known use of “panorama” occurred way back in 1792, when painter Robert Barker coined the term to describe his wide-angle paintings of Edinburgh and London. However, it’s come a long way as video professionals today can access a dazzling array of digital 360-degree cameras capable of shooting high-quality video. Demand for 360 video tools has skyrocketed alongside its increasing appearance in mainstream channels such as You Tube who began hosting 360 degree videos in 2015 followed by Facebook soon after. These days, 360 video is everywhere, it appears in advertising and content marketing and research studies have shown that over 70% of marketers who have used 360 video say that it has helped them to grow engagement through more appealing content resulting in higher click through rates and longer time spent on their websites. In essence 360 videos offer a more immersive experience for users, and as a result are an ideal way to give customers a greater sense of what it is like to use your product or experience your event, in essence a virtual try before you buy approach!   

Check out our 360 video celebrating Circulombia, one of the world's leading circus companies as part of Coventry UK City of Culture 2021.  

If you'd like to incorporate 360 video into your business please get in touch!  

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