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Content Marketing

Content Marketing otherwise known as non-interruption marketing is essentially creating valuable, relevant and consistent content for your consumers that will engage and create awareness about your brand. When you are creating content which your target audience are searching for and placing it in the places where they are consuming content, you can evoke interest in your brand in a non-intrusive way.

To kick start your content marketing strategy, we will work with you to gain an insight into your industry and to uncover who your target audience are in order to create relevant and engaging content that attracts your audience that ultimately drives traffic back to your website. We will develop an audience persona, so we can ensure we’re targeting the right audience and creating relevant and engaging content. We can create on-site optimised web content, on-site blogs, thought leadership pieces, email marketing and social media posts. We also have a range of key contacts with influencers and bloggers as well as native advertising platforms to disperse your content across a range of media platforms.

By making time to post timely and relevant content, your audience can begin to expect when to look out for your content and you will then begin to build up and attract an audience who in turn will create loyalty and affinity with your brand.

By scheduling content within a bespoke content calendar you can ensure you always have content ideas and content ready for your audience. A content calendar will keep you on track and we will work with you to identify key industry events throughout the year so that we can create content that is topical and what your audience are looking for. By creating consistent content, you can attract readers who are searching for that content and in turn, drive traffic back to your site.

Copywriting and Content Creation

Our team of copywriters can craft content that resonates with your audience. Our team are strategists as well as creative writers that create content that drives action.

By providing on-going blogs for your audience, you can post content which is industry specific and relevant to your audience. You can position yourself as a go-to authority within your industry and bring in referral traffic via your blog.  Fresh content is also good for SEO purposes. Google loves fresh, relevant content and an on-site blog is the best way to keep your content updated. Sites that regularly blog receive 96% more leads than those which don’t.

Your target audience are increasingly consuming media in a range of digital formats and are looking to satisfy their educational and entertainment needs, therefore static content is no longer enough. In order to stand out from the competition and grab consumer’s attention, you need to incorporate a range of content into your digital marketing strategy. 10 Digital can create and design e-books, whitepapers and infographics.

Content Optimisation

SEO is becoming increasingly more of a content driven tactic; however we will also help with the technical aspects of SEO, ensuring your meta data is optimised, links are correct, along with doing competitor back link analysis.

Our SEO content writers can create content that your users will love, ensuring it satisfies their search enquiry and is relevant to your services and products. SEO copywriting and content writing is a sought after skill as it benefits the user and a search engine, ensuring your website content leads users successfully along the sales funnel as well as helping users to find you within their search – ultimately increasing leads.

For more information on what is content marketing and how to use content marketing for lead generation, download our e-books here. If you’d like to start your content marketing campaign today, contact us for more information.

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