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Digital Marketing 

We provide a range of digital marketing services, including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and strategy. 

Social Media Marketing

We will syndicate your blog content across the relevant social media channels. We can research and identify the appropriate social channels to use based on your goals, audience and objectives. Our digital industry experts can create a social media calendar and work with you to provide engaging social media posts.

If your accounts require more active engagement or for those who would simply prefer to take a full hands-off approach with their social media marketing, we have professionally-trained, dedicated community managers available who can manage your account full-time.

10 Digital have a range of social media marketing packages to suit your goals and budgets and we can create bespoke tailor made campaigns too.  We’re always on the pulse of new social media developments and can inform you on which social media channels are the most effective. If you’d like to get your social media marketing activity off the ground, have a chat with one of our team.

Influencer Marketing 

What is Influencer Marketing? / Digital PR

Influencer marketing  is currently the fastest growing channel for customer acquisition. It’s proving so valuable that 84% of marketers plan on incorporating influencer marketing into their marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing centres on using thought leaders and those with a loyal following on social media, to create messages on your behalf to promote your brand. This can be through endorsements, product reviews or mentions. Influencers will often spread the word through their social media channels.

Influencer marketing can help to speed up the lead generation process as potential consumers go from the awareness stage to purchase a lot quicker. This is because as consumers trust influencers, they don’t need to spend a long time in the consideration stage. The trust and loyalty that audiences have for consumers, means they’re more likely to trust an influencers opinion.

Speak to one of the 10 Digital staff today to see how you can incorporate influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy.


To maximise your marketing ROI, we will monitor and report on your campaigns, providing you with valuable insight into how well your campaign is performing and give you a clear and transparent report on your results. We can then optimise and tweak your campaigns accordingly based on our findings and recommend the most beneficial activity to undertake to achieve your goals and objectives.


Start your Digital Journey

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