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Cookie Policy

This website uses essential functional (session) cookies, which do not identify you in any way. We do not use them for tracking, analytical or any unlawful purposes. 

Under the new EU Cookie Directives, we are not required by law to ask you for permission to use them because they are only used for essential functional purposes. However it should be noted that by continuing to browse our website after reading this statement, you are implying consent.

If you are concerned in any way, you can disable cookies in your browser.  


Cookie’s questions and answers:

What is a cookie?

Cookies are harmless pieces of information stored on your computer. They may contain information such as the user-name you use when visiting a particular site, or keep track of the number of times you have visited a site. Cookies can only be read by you, or the web site that created the cookie in the first place, but not by anyone or anything else. 

Why are cookies important?

Cookies are an essential part of the Web. They enable websites to provide you with a highest levels of functionality and user experience. In addition Cookies also provide essential marketing information.  

Why do you use cookies?

We use cookies to store a unique, randomly generated code, which enables us to store information that you have entered into online forms, and search data etc.  It is only used for the purposes of retaining the information as you move from page to page, and the cookie automatically "dies" at the end of the session.

Are cookies a security risk?

No. The worst security risk you are likely to face from cookies is that a website owner will be able to 'tag' your browser when you enter their site and find out how often you (as an anonymous individual) visit and, perhaps, what pages you like to look at. The website owner simply cannot access any information about you, except what you knowingly give them by filling in online forms.

Why don't all websites use them?

Cookies aren't generally used on websites that just display static information because there is no need for it. However they are essential to most websites with any kind of functionality. They are actually a key feature of the Internet, specifically designed to enable functionality without compromising security or privacy.  

Do cookies take up space on my hard-drive?

Yes, but it's only a tiny amount and your browser will limit the size of your cookies folder automatically.

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