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Coventry Scale Company Ltd supplies, maintains, and calibrates commercial and industrial weighing equipment, as well as develops bespoke weighing systems for automation and data processing for companies looking to drive operational efficiency.   

With customers based all around the world, the company currently provides weighing equipment and bespoke solutions to many sectors including food, automotive, pharmaceutical, mining, motorsports, chemicals, logistics, and laboratories.

A key part of the company’s work involves calibrating the weighing equipment they supply to ensure it is accurate and meets national ISO standards. The calibration service, which can take place at its service centre in Coventry or at customer sites, involves several scale-specific tests, with the results recorded to ensure the weighing equipment meets standards. Once complete, the customer then has the option to receive a certificate to prove their scale is compliant. To date, this work was completed manually with the engineer noting down the data on site and then taking it back to the service centre to input the information, create a calibration certificate, and then send it off to the customer.



The purpose of this project was to provide a software-based solution as an alternative to their current paper-based system of managing and tracking weighing equipment calibrations. The aim was to produce a multi-faceted application with both a mobile app for remote use and a web interface for administration purposes.

As end users themselves, the first phase of this project was to produce a solution that Coventry Scale Company Ltd can use in their day-to-day activities.



The web interface named ‘ScaleCal’ was built utilising Microsoft’s NET MVC platform, and the mobile app was built using Xamarin Forms. It’s developed for use on Android devices and the databases utilised Microsoft SQL Server, with the web services handling connectivity for the Android app.

The combination of digital interfaces incorporates a wide range of user-friendly features allowing users to edit and add customer data, list, view and edit all scale data, plus assign tasks and jobs for all customers. This has removed the long laborious paper-based process and the risk of data error. In addition, it’s automated procedures which is saving engineers approximately a day’s work each week and now allows calibration certificates to be supplied instantly.  

"Working with Exasoft on ScaleCal has enabled us to transform the way we operate as a business. The team has played an integral part in helping us to digitise our calibration processes, plus our customer and asset data, removing the need for long laborious paper-based procedures. As a result, we now have a software solution that has enhanced the service we provide to our customers, as well as saving us time and cost. We highly recommend the team at Exasoft and their services.”

Tom Marren, Managing Director, Coventry Scale Company

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