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Content marketing is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Content marketing provides better user engagement, more effective communication and is cost efficient. Furthermore, with the constantly expanding amount of ad-blocker software users, content marketing is the key way to deliver a message with confidence.

The following 8 marketing content trends will help you to move forward with your content marketing plan in 2019.

User-Friendly content

The number of online users is constantly increasing, along with content consumption. Therefore, businesses are producing more and more content with the ultimate aim to put their brand in the spotlight. In fact, reports confirm that 70% of businesses have started generating more content annually.

Furthermore, Google search algorithms and search bots are smarter than ever at analysing the relevancy of content and detecting whether it is user-friendly or not. Therefore, when you are creating your next piece of content make sure that it is user friendly, relevant and engaging at any cost.


Companies have relied on individuals influencing their audience with the aim of increasing their brand awareness for along time now. However, with the significant rise of social media and the number of influencers, influencer marketing has been ranked as one of the top components of a good marketing strategy. In fact, 92% of customers are trusting influencers more than celebrity endorsements and advertising.

As online influencer marketing continues to grow, micro-influencers will play a crucial part in formulating effective influencer campaigns.

Personalised content

Currently, many companies are using different analytical tools for customer segmentation to develop customised target audiences. However, all social networks have a distinct structure allowing you to personalise content with location settings, hashtags, demographic settings etc. Therefore, when choosing your marketing channel, make sure you make the best use of these features.

In order to deliver a focused content marketing campaign and win more prospects make sure that you are communicating personalised content. In return you will benefit from improved engagement, brand recognition and competitive differentiation.

Virtual Reality

Video content is no new concept, brands have been using videos on their websites, social medial platforms and email campaigns for quite some time. Today, with better video compression algorithms in place, video content has been used extensively to increase brand awareness, and to boost brand engagement.

However, whilst there are many different ways to interact with customers, recently Virtual Reality (VR) has become a booming trend amongst interactive visual content. VR is providing a new opportunity to content marketers to bring their brand to life and create greater customer engagement.

Live Videos

Several years back, live videos became a booming trend within the digital word and since then it has intensified. In fact according to Facebook analytics users spend 3x more time watching live videos than traditional ones. Furthermore, the latest statistics on Periscope show that every day an equivalent of 110 years of live videos is watched.

Therefore, live videos are beneficially used for marketing purposes through hosting Q&A sessions, live interviews, covering events and/or conferences, product launches and demonstrations.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Brands are now expanding their usage and harnessing the power of the IOT with an aim to deliver an authentic brand experience to their customers. IOT gives an amazing opportunity for brands to become an integral part of their consumers’ lives by taking direct conversation to another level through the use of devices such as "Alexa", thus enabling them to share content and reach wider audiences

Target Niche Content

With an increase in the amount of daily content being created it can be a struggle for brands to compete and make their content stand out. However, market saturation is an excellent opportunity to create target niche content and stand out from the rest. To achieve this marketeers need to deliver extremely creative and engaging content, focusing on a niche marketplace and with a sole purpose to make it go viral.


Whilst it is important for brands to stay on track with the latest trends in content marketing, it is equally important to remember the fundamentals:

  • Try to reach out to customers in all possible ways.
  • Always offer solutions to them through your delivered content.
  • Strive to create a frictionless path allowing the user to move towards the solution.


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Content Marketing otherwise known as non-interruption marketing is essentially creating valuable, relevant and consistent content for your consumers that will engage and create awareness about your brand.

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