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Marketing Innovation – Shaping the Future

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In order to engage audiences, convert customers, boost sales and stay in line with the competition in the future, you will need to ensure that you are aware and up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. Whether you are a digital expert or you are still in the beginning of your digital transformation, it is crucial to develop a digital strategy that incorporates the most appropriate technological innovation!

Here are a few of the major trends that will have a huge impact in the way we do both B2C and B2B marketing:

Marketing Micro-Moments

Consumer digital behaviour has been highly affected by micro-moment marketing due to the amount of information we are consuming and the amount of time we are spending online. Micro-moment marketing is based on the idea that nowadays 96% of consumers have access to the very best of everything online in a matter of seconds.

According to recent insights from “Think with Google”, consumer digital behaviour can be broken down into 3 key points.

1: Consumers tend to be “well-advised” as they are doing their essential research on different services/products immediately on their smartphones.

2:  They are “right here” meaning that they are not offering much information to marketers but expecting to access any information from any location.

3: Consumers are “right now” as nowadays their decision-making process including impulsive and even major purchases is much faster due to the abundance of information they have on their mobile devices.

Marketers are posed with the challenge where they need to find their potential consumer in the space of a few moments without having any relevant information about them in advance. This could be done through highly personalised “smart content” that addresses a very specific target audience and is focused on relationship-building.  Furthermore, this should be tailored towards specific demographic characteristics including age, location and even buyer’s journey stage.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic video content has been well known and intensively used for a while, and it is going to keep expanding and growing in a variety of ways. Not only because it is becoming more and more interactive and engaging, but it is also being used frequently in different unique ways.   

According to Wordstream’s recent insights:

  • Almost half of all Facebook users spend at least an hour watching videos per week
  • More than 90% of people watching videos are also regularly sharing them
  • Videos on a landing page are likely to boost the conversation rates by 80%

Ephemeral content (Facebook/Instagram stories) will continue growing as the most preferred and liked dynamic content, as social media users are engaged through it in a direct, emotional way, just like in real life. This content has been used as a powerful tool by influencers to deliver meaningful videos showing intimate moments available only to selected audience and for a limited time. Integrated content could be extremely personal and memorable, especially as we move forward with more platforms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which have the capacity to generate customer data that will help you to get to know the customer.

Machine learning, which is one element of (AI), has been adapted by more and more marketers due to its capacity to gather and analyse huge databases from across many different platforms quickly, and then make a smart marketing decision contributing to the marketing strategy. Furthermore, the benefits of integrated (AI) for marketing applications are including:

  • Digital personal assistant
  • Smart insights on integration between platforms
  • Increased user interaction and engagement via chatbots
  • Predictive analytics regarding prices, customer behaviour, product/service performance, etc.
  • Analysis on UX patterns for targeting marketing strategy


Personalised Content

Creating highly customised, personal content is extremely important for accommodating and improving customer engagement. The point here for marketers is essentially to break down the screen barrier and interrupting the user consumption. Here are some innovative ways to effectively remove this barrier and make your digital marketing tactics more personal, customised and interactive:

  • Augmented Reality (AR) – AR is already leading the top position in big business advertising. Whilst it may still be an affordable tool only for big business, it is worth keeping an eye on for content marketers who want to go the extra mile. AR is used by marketers to create more personalised content that can transform the digital marketing strategy into something that conforms to unique users. This could take place via targeting of content to meet user preferences and/or via AI-based customised experiences such as chatbots.
  • High Quality Video, Photos and Graphics – video content has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years due to its interactivity, and it is going to become more and more interactive, innovative and professional. Currently, many marketers are investing more in high-end cameras for video or contacting a professional video maker to produce unique and original video content for blogs and social media. Furthermore, more personalised graphics, authentic photos and customised images have been seen as the most popular trends.


These are only a few of the many upcoming marketing innovation trends that all digital marketers need to bear in mind for the future. Anything that can improve the digital user experience in media be it AR, VR, AI based technology, content marketing or even new ways of online shopping, has the potential to make or break a brand image.

Therefore, it is crucial for anyone involved in digital marketing to keep and eye out for any innovation tool that can make their content more integrated and/or new trend that can improve their personalised experience. The marketing focus should be on user experience now more than ever…


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