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The Resurgence of Direct Mail in 2023: Amplifying Your Marketing Strategy with 10 Digital

Direct Mail
Direct mail

The direct mail industry has faced its share of ups and downs but is making a remarkable comeback. Over the past decade, direct mail has experienced a steady decline in popularity. Last year we witnessed a significant shift with a 9.5% year-on-year growth in UK direct mail volumes. While the increase may seem modest, it's a promising sign of a revival in this marketing channel.

The Unique Power of Direct Mail

Direct mail possesses a unique advantage in its physical, tactile nature. In a world dominated by digital interactions, a well-planned and executed physical mail piece can engage recipients in ways that email simply cannot. Moreover, when combined with today's cutting-edge technology, direct mail can amplify and strengthen your overall marketing campaign performance.

The Imperative of Marketing Effectiveness

Today,all marketing channels must prove their worth. Businesses are increasingly demanding that marketers justify their channel choices and demonstrate the commercial value of their efforts. It's all about effectiveness.

At 10 Digital, we emphasise a concept known as the "Flow of Effects." It's a straightforward yet vital concept for modern marketing. Here's how it works: You implement a marketing activity, whether it's a direct mail campaign, a social media post, a TV ad, or a combination of these and more. This activity is intended to influence how consumers think or feel about your brand. If successful, it will prompt consumers to change their behaviour, such as making a purchase or increasing their existing spend. This, in turn, should lead to improved market performance and ultimately higher revenue figures.

The key lies in two crucial aspects: measurement and connection.

Why Measurement Matters

Effective measurement is essential. If you can't measure the impact of your marketing activities, you'll struggle to justify your budget allocation. Fortunately, direct mail has always been highly measurable. Today, with digital integration, the number of interaction opportunities and available metrics has grown exponentially. For example, we now know that 95% of all direct mail generates some form of physical interaction from consumers, and nearly half (46%) remains "live" in homes after 28 days.

Making Sense of Your Measurements

However, measurement alone is not enough. The connection between measurements matters just as much. It's not sufficient to know click through rates; you must also understand how these metrics impact your bottom line. This is where many marketing efforts fall short.

The 10 Digital Approach to Effectiveness

At 10 Digital, we emphasise planning for effectiveness from the start. Whether you're considering direct mail or any other marketing activity, effectiveness should be integrated into your strategy. We help our clients achieve this by focusing on a top-down approach, starting with commercial and market performance targets and working backward to determine how individual consumers must change their behaviour and how direct mail can influence their thoughts and feelings to achieve those goals.

Striving for Effectiveness with 10 Digital

10 Digital's innovative approach combines the best of both worlds, leveraging the tangible impact of direct mail while seamlessly integrating it with digital strategies. With digitally-integrated, effectiveness-driven direct mail, you can expect to maximise the potential of your marketing campaigns in the 21st century.

Don't underestimate the power of direct mail. Contact us today and discover how we can amplify your marketing strategy and drive real, measurable results.

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