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Top Tips for Writing SEO Copy

SEO has come a long way over the years. For a website to perform well in the search engine rankings for chosen keywords, there are a range of factors to consider when it comes to writing content that will perform well in Google and what a user will respond to. It’s no longer just about how many keywords to add into content but there are a range of elements to factor in.

1.Write for your audience

When it comes to writing content that performs well in Google searches, it’s about considering the end user. The content needs to be written with the audience in mind, not for a search engine. Your content needs to satisfy one of two goals - firstly, it needs to appeal to a user - target audience persona, client, prospective readers, buyer and the second, to solve a problem.

SEO is sometimes referred to as content marketing because content marketing is based on providing content that is educational and serves a purpose for your reader. It is by creating content that your audience are searching for that gives your company brand awareness, drives them to your website and enables them to see you as an authority in your industry.

This is the key thing to consider when creating on-site website content and content for your blog section. You need to ensure that the content that you are creating satisfies all of the potential questions related to a product or service and isn’t just obviously promotional. For example, if you are a company offering mortgage products, think about creating content that covers the most frequently asked questions around mortgages across various pages of your website, even the more seemingly obvious questions. Including - What is a mortgage?, What is the difference between a fixed term and variable rate, benefits of a mortgage vs renting.


2.Research what your audience need

Do some research and think about the most frequently asked questions that people have surrounding your industry. If you were then offering certain mortgages, for instance, self-employed mortgages, on that specific page of your site, structure your content to answer questions around this product. For example,

  • What is a self-employed mortgage?
  • When were self-employed mortgages brought in?
  • Am I eligible for a self-employed mortgage?
  • How can I get a mortgage if I’m self-employed?

 By following this structure and answering questions related to this topic, you have covered all grounds and then when users are searching for this content they are likely to find your site as your content is directly related to their search enquiry.

When each page on your site answers all questions related to the product, this makes the page extremely relevant to this topic and when Google is indexing this content and giving it a scoring, it can push the page higher in the SERP’s because it fulfils everything related to this topic.

In addition, if you satisfy a user's search, they are more likely to stay on your site and not look elsewhere for the answers to their questions.


3.Keyword Research


Keyword research however, can still be a good starting point when writing your content to give you an indication on the types of searches related to your products and services. It still impacts on organic ranking to some extent and is still considered a ranking factor. However, by focusing on creating content that is relevant and informative and worthwhile, your content will naturally have an array of relevant keywords.




Make sure each page’s meta description, page title and image tag’s have the relevant keywords for each page to indicate to the search engine how to search for the


5. Structure and signpost your articles with headlines


Not only will your readers appreciate a well structured signposted article but search engines take into consideration this kind of organisation too. Tag your headlines with relevant keywords, for instance, for H1 and H2’s this indicates to the search engine that this piece of content is relevant. A good way of naturally placing these keywords into the headers is through questions.


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