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Attracting visitors to your website has never been more key to get ahead of the competition and video is increasingly becoming a popular choice in retaining, engaging and attracting new customers. If you are a business that is looking a for a creative way to get noticed and stand out from the competition, customised videos are a great option that provide many benefits for your website and company:


Video can convey your message instantly as opposed to expecting your website visitors to trawl through endless amounts of text. Written content is important, in particular from an seo perspective but the addition of video can boost your key messages in a clear, concise and engaging way.


Customised video offers the unique advantage over other forms of content because it does not just tell visitors about your company, product, or service – it shows them. This is the difference between passive and active engagement. As a rule, people learn and remember information better if they are actively engaged. Customised video accomplishes the goal of your website actively engaging visitors


Search engines like new content and every time you add content, your search engine rankings will see an upsurge. So why not go the extra mile and make that fresh content a customised video?  Don't just add the video to your website, create a channel on you tube to really maximise the SEO benefit as the result of your video and don’t forget to use key words to promote it!


Video doesn’t just need to be limited to informative it can also be entertaining! Some of the best ways to remember key messages about brands are through entertaining and comical video content. So by all means inform your audience but be daring and go comical, it might just go viral and do wonders for your website and brand engagement. 


Through video you can project your company’s culture and personality. Visitors to your website can get to know your employees and you can inject a great deal of passion, drive and enthusiasm into potential job applicants – a fantastic way to show off the great culture within the organisation! Your people truly are your greatest asset!  


Sharing your video through your own social media networks and allowing visitors to share them also creates the opportunity for your video to go viral.  And if your video is truly engaging with strong calls to action there is huge potential for increased enquiries, orders and business!  


Stand out from your competitors with engaging, interesting and call to action video content. Many companies may be thinking about it but not doing it! Be a company with the vision, drive and creativity to maximise this opportunity and blast the competition!

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