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Umbraco 9 Release

Umbraco 9 Release

Umbraco is a fully customisable and editor friendly open-source CMS and gives you a platform where you have the freedom to do and manage things your way. And with over 700000 websites worldwide powered by Umbraco it certainly is a popular choice with developers, designer’s and marketers to get the best from their websites. Now with the release of its latest version Umbraco 9 it’s got even better with increased editor friendliness and the goal of making content management simpler. This means that most things should be instantly familiar if you’ve worked with Umbraco before - especially if you’re a content editor!  We’ve taken a look at its latest features below so you can join thousands of users who are enjoying the benefits of Umbraco - the CMS of choice!  

Increased performance and scalability

In the last year, fantastic work has been done in Umbraco 8 to improve the performance and scalability of the CMS. This work has, of course, been carried over to Umbraco 9 - but there’s even more power in Umbraco 9.  Due to the noticeable performance gains in the new framework, you should see your new Umbraco projects be even faster, less resource-intensive, and more scalable.

Clean architecture 

Being a flexible and highly customisable choice for developers has always been at the core of Umbraco CMS. With Umbraco 9 the developer experience gets another lift in the right direction. Whether you’re contributing to Umbraco or developing projects for a client, you’ll find that the structure and overall architecture have been improved. It’s easier to find what you need and it’s aligned even more with conventions in the framework such as Configuration and Microsoft Dependency Injection.

More tooling options and cross-platform capabilities

Being a true .NET 5 and ASP.NET Core CMS also means you get a wider choice of how you want to develop with Umbraco and what tools you use. If you’re a Visual Studio Code user, you can now get proper IntelliSense in your Umbraco projects. Visual Studio and Rider are also popular choices and these can be used to full effect as well. Not only do you get more choice and better support for tooling you can also benefit from the cross-platform capabilities built-in to .NET 5.


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