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Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK and with the impact of COV-ID19 over the last 18 months it has been an increasingly challenging time for many of them to survive.

However, with restrictions in place many consumers have turned to their local stores and businesses and are shopping locally so for small businesses its never been a more important time to go local with their marketing strategy.


Google My Business is the search giant’s business information platform. Every business should have an account but it’s even more imperative if you’re trying to reach a local audience. When you have completed your profile it will allow Google to pull accurate information about your business into their Knowledge Graph, which is displayed whenever someone searches for your business.

Without a Google My Business listing Google, will still acquire a lot of information on its own, but it won’t necessarily be up to date or accurate. Having a listing means that you have much more control over what Google can display and allows you to update your details as needed.

In addition, a full profile is a contributing factor to your company’s ability to appear in Google search results when a local person searches for something related to your business. It gives your business the ability to appear in the ‘map pack,’ a subsection of the search results that shows the details of a handful of businesses.


Invest in a website and a social media presence through channels such as Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram.

If you’re a business that’s trying to attract enquiries, we recommend a website presence. This doesn’t have to cost much and is a great opportunity for you to showcase your products and create awareness of your brand. If you’re a local shop owner, take-away or restaurant, you can get away with a social media page but the website will allow you to keep a greater dialogue with your consumers and you can utilise analytics to establish who is visiting the website and the data to e-shot them with marketing campaigns.

Whichever platform you choose, you should include 3 key elements:

  • Contact details, including an address if you want people to find your physical location.
  • Product/service information
  • High-quality branding


It’s ironic that with the rise of digital, direct mail marketing has never been more popular. Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach a local audience and it involves sending flyers or brochures to a list of addresses. Maybe it’s the fact that we are bombarded with emails and social media content that has made people’s attention move towards that mail coming through the door, however whatever the shift has been its certainly proving popular with an increase in purchases through this method of marketing.

Printed materials give you great control over how your brand and message is presented. You don’t have to conform to the character limits and image restrictions of online ads, nor do you need to make your ad an exact shape to fit the space in a newspaper or magazine. Instead, you have the freedom to create the materials that you think will be most effective in attracting the attention of your target market. However, a key takeaway from a direct marketing campaign must include making sure that you have a specific goal in mind. This could be a call to action through a voucher or discount offer that prompts your consumer to act.


Speak to other local businesses and find out what is working for them. Talk to your local chamber of commerce who will be running networking events and online social activities and seek out community groups within the area.

Whatever strategies you choose to pursue, remember that the goal is to get your business seen by the right people. You should be as visible as possible - online, on social media, in your local area and even in the homes of your target market.


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