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What’s in store this year for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been part of the marketing mix for some time now and can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. Utilising AI in data segmentation allows marketers to analyse multiple datasets quickly and gives you insight to learn unique qualifiers about each of your contacts that you cannot see from a human perspective. Automatic lead scoring is another benefit allowing you to rank your leads based on the likelihood to convert and enables you to qualify them in a more accurate, smarter and faster fashion.

In addition AI enables you to understand your previous customer journeys from the outset without having to trawl through conversations and web analytics. Furthermore, an AI integrated marketing automation solution will not only give you visibility of more channels relevant to your target market that you may not have been utilising before, but it will also allow you to track actions of your individuals across these channels. Utilising AI to track interests, preferences and behaviours of your leads means a whole new revolution of personalising your marketing through a variety of channels.

One thing that AI does so much better than human beings is to identify intent in a potential audience. Often, it’s an audience that the marketer may have missed altogether because the cues were too subtle. Brands using AI in this way will have the advantage of being able to market to those already susceptible to a product or service.

In addition the benefits of Big Data fits are only available to those able to wade through the enormous volume of information that it presents. This is where AI can really come into its own in a marketing context, crunching data to acquire insights that have been informed by a much deeper and broader data set. AI will provide us with the ability to deal with this data and to do it at a much faster speed, processing six figures of variables every second. The combination of AI and big data could be incredibly powerful for those looking for actionable marketing insights.

The whole point of AI is that it’s not a static technology but one that continuously evolves to respond to the challenges that it’s presented with. For example, marketers using AI might set the task of extracting data to enable better targeting. Assigning this to AI will not only produce better results at a faster rate than a human being could achieve but will also produce improvements to the process as the AI refines its own parameters to make it more effective.

AI is not a new concept, we are engaging with AI on a daily basis, sometimes without even realising. It’s Netflix recommending what to watch next, what’s on your Facebook feed, and how Google knows where you are going and when.

The AI revolution is not the future, it’s already here. So, as marketers it’s essential that we begin preparations right away to stay ahead of the game.


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