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In web design a “hero image” is a term that is applied to a big eye-catching image that is usually seen in the above-the-fold zone of the web page and right below the website header. The hero image usually takes almost all pre-scroll full-width space on the page with the other layout elements (call-to-action button, text, etc.) located in the header and on or around the hero image to present a consistent and balanced visual composition.

The term “Hero image” doesn’t require that all images of this kind should include only a human, don’t get stereotyped with that “hero” part. It can be also the theme image featuring a landscape, a device, a building – anything, even an abstract model or composition. The main idea is that the image instantly grabs attention and allows for setting a quick visual, emotional, and informative connection with the user.

So why Is a “Hero Image” Important?

  • Attention and impression. Firstly, because it activates the power of visual perception immediately. The hero image gives a chance to impress the users as fast as possible.
  • Information. Many people instantly decode an image rather than words so it’s an informative part of the page that provides a quick visual message about the content.
  • Navigation. The correct composition of the hero image can strengthen navigation and bring more attention to the call-to-action button.
  • Emotional appeal. Hero images are a proven way to transfer the needed emotions via images, shapes, and colours, and set the atmosphere from outset.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Aesthetics are essential in raising desirability and interest in a website and can ensure that you are the choice of website amongst your competitors.

What Types of Graphics Are Used for Hero Images?

The type of graphics for the hero image and the message they transfer depends on the goals for the particular website. These include:


The essential value of photos is that they automatically connect the user with the real world. Photos have been part of our lives for decades so when they are used on a website, they can set strong associations and may reflect the needed atmosphere in a style typical for the target audience.

In addition photography lets you set the balance of realism and aesthetics in your web user interface. You can keep the necessary style appealing to your target audience and creating engaging emotional backgrounds. These particularly work for news websites and blogs and can be extremely powerful for the visual presentation of products illustrating “what you get – is what you see”.


Customised illustrations are a fast way to effectively support the perception of information on a page. They can also set a precedent for visual originality and pleasing aesthetics.  

3D Graphics

3D graphics serve well in cases when photo content you require is impossible to get or highly expensive. Although creating the images of this kind demands specific skills and is quite costly and time-consuming, well-done 3D graphics are highly attractive, on-trend and convincing so they can have a great impact on web design looks and conversion rates.

Hero Images in practice

When utilising hero images in web design it’s important that you use clear and concise taglines that work with the images.  A tagline is a short and powerful line of text like a slogan that sends a quick and clear message to the reader. It may inform about the core benefits or a problem solved with the product; it may call the reader to action or ask the question that is answered in the rest of the text on the page, etc. If you use a hero image, its harmonic combination with a tagline may be an effective idea: this way the image is supported with the power of words, while the words are made more expressive with the visual.


Typography is not just about reading information it’s also part of the design, with its own mood and goals. The hero section of the web page needs to incorporate visual designed text to reflect the style and mood of the image to ensure it attracts maximum interest. However, take time to choose the relevant styled text for impact but make sure it’s legible so that users of your website can read it.

Navigation and hero image in harmony

Although a hero image can make your website visually appealing it’s only valuable if it contributes to conversion of sales. Therefore, make sure that it doesn’t overpower your call to action element, be that a booking or enquiry element to the site. Make sure they work in harmony with ease of navigation being a key component. 


A great way to strengthen a hero image is to add motion. Animation is an effective approach to add emotional and informational power to the visuals, enhance storytelling and set more associations. As well, animation helps to add originality to design.

Evoke emotions

Positive emotions are key when incorporating hero images into your website. Make them resonate with your user and stir their emotions with captivating imagery that they can relate to and that stirs deep interest. As visuals are the great tool of setting the needed mood, one of the primary goals designers set for hero images is evoking the emotional appeal of the design.

Artistic vibes

With more and more competition on the web, designers are looking for different ways to get users’ attention. One popular trend is artistic digital illustration, often used in hero images. Creative experiments seem to combine traditions and innovations for the new circle of web design evolution.

To sum up hero images present a powerful, impactful and compelling addition to your website and used correctly they can make a significant difference in engagement and conversion of business sales for your organisation.


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