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Get the most out of your content REPURPOSE it!

Content marketing

Writing content can be a vast task. Thinking of new ideas and researching new concepts can take up a lot of time and can leave you feeling drained and exhausted! However, you can refresh, transform and recycle existing content, making it new, relevant and saving you lots of time in the process!         

Successful repurposing requires imagination and practice, but it usually isn’t as labour-intensive as the original creation, and when doing so aim to get more out of the original content you created.  For example, a blog post can have a lot of information, but it’s only one channel. By repurposing that content into other formats and for distribution on other channels, you use the same information (or a portion of it) and reach a wider audience.

When considering repurposing, you should take into account the following points to ensure its success:

Determine your goals: Do you want to publish more original content in less time than it takes to create all that content from scratch? Do you want to repurpose to reach a new or different audience? Do you need the content for another channel? Is it intended to help sales-qualified leads?

  • Detail your channels: What distribution channels will host the repurposed content? What does that channel’s audience want to know, think, or do?
  • Identify content repurposing criteria: Not all of your content should be repurposed, have a look at the content that has performed well, perhaps these can be easily updated with fresh data?

Establish the key content opportunities:

  1. Blog posts

Blog posts often present good repurposing opportunities. It works well for high-performing posts with outdated content or old SEO targets. You can repurpose them with minimal updates of data, news, and best practices.

  1. E-books and white papers

e-books, and white papers are great for repurposed content and lead generation and by including all of the content on the topic in a single format, your audience doesn’t need to look elsewhere. It’s a helpful tool to generate leads.

  1. Infographics

Infographics appeal to a visually-oriented audience and the key to repurposing content into an infographic is knowing what to keep and what not to. Headers become sections of the infographics. Text gets condensed into bullet points or icons. In essence the information needs to be bite-sized so that users will want to engage with it.   

  1. Newsletters

Yes, you can send a roundup of your latest blog posts, but that probably isn’t enough to keep your email recipients engaged with your brand. You could consider repurposing existing content to send them a more tailored email.  

  1. Presentations

Jazz up a presentation by repurposing content. Include fresh charts, graphs and stats to illustrate important points.

6.Social media posts

Mix up your social media and make previous social media posts more engaging, visual and interactive but make sure you are telling a great story!

  1. Video

Freshen up existing videos with new content and get your company message out easily. Don’t forget to shorten for social media channels and adverts. Furthermore, the audio component of a video can be shared as a podcast.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing otherwise known as non-interruption marketing is essentially creating valuable, relevant and consistent content for your consumers that will engage and create awareness about your brand.

Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.

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