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A strong and unified brand image has never been more imperative in today’s Covid-19 pandemic world and many of the top brands utilise technology to keep themselves one step ahead of the competition. Key players such as McDonald’s, and Visa are well known for their use of innovative marketing technology but what are the crucial take-aways that other businesses can learn from them?

  • Purpose: Brands need a purpose, and when utilised properly they can help to reenergise communities and in turn are rewarded by their loyal consumers.
  • Optimism: Good brands spread optimism. They remind consumers about the daily joys of life. McDonald's successfully did this with the launch of their campaign celebrating the fast-food chain's return to the high street, following mass store closures during the coronavirus pandemic. Created by Leo Burnett London and set to Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison, "Welcome back" showed the public as they anxiously await the arrival of their order.
  • Community: Its essential to target the communities where your brand is especially relevant and form bonds. That is obvious enough, but indirect action may bring direct reward. Think about how the brand’s products and services can improve the lives of community members.
  • Boundaries: As technology enables more personalised customer journeys, it’s imperative that brands should set and respect privacy boundaries

To sum up brands need to take a position and be consistent with it. Consistent brand promotion across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Yet for many organisations, who have many internal and external brand-building partners, getting the true picture is easier said than done.

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