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Check out our pick of technology trends that are likely to dominate our world in 2021:


Artificial Intelligence has rapidly become a part of our lives. Large companies and businesses have focused on implementing AI into their strategies to create greater and longer lasting customer experiences. We envisage that AI will have an even greater impact next year in the field of manufacturing such as predicting how well your equipment will be running, by understanding how input parameters influence the output of products. The new insight into data will also support you in deciding which long-term improvement initiatives will increase equipment output and what the increase will be.


It is expected that with 5G, Internet of things applications and connected devices will reach an all-time high. More vision technologies and sensors will be used by the environment, allowing more accessible IoT solutions.


Numerous technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics and Cloud computing are adopting automation and growing at a high scale and software consulting companies such as manufacturing, software enterprises, manufacturing and banking are also going forward with the implementation of Automation.


Businesses are moving towards cloud solutions and the demand of edge Computing processing power is increasing. Edge Computing is especially designed for solving the big data problems in such a way for bypassing the latency which is affected by Cloud Computing.


By 2021 it is predicted that institutions will have developed Blockchain for preventing internet fraud and information leakage at a very high scale.


Human augmentation is new technology that discovers how we can use technology for delivering intellectual and physical improvement as a very essential part of human understanding. Many large corporates are already following this trend such as producing a huge number of human augmenting devices which are beneficial in factories or can be used on the battlefield.


Both Virtual reality and Augmented Reality have huge potential in education, entertainment, training and marketing. VR and AR are the top technology trends for 2021. VR immerses an individual in an environment whereas AR increases the users environment. Virtual reality initially was utilised for gaming purposes but is now being utilised for training. We predict more and more companies will adopt this technology into their marketing and company strategies.


Cybersecurity is another latest technology in computer science. With the increase in cybercrimes, the demand of cybersecurity is also increasing. In the coming years it will be one of the most popular and demanding technologies in IT Technology.


Transparency and traceability is advanced technology which is a very important element for supporting and protecting personal digital data. We predict we’ll see more and more of this next year


Multiexperience is a key tech trend for 2021. Rather than the old idea of computer advances from one single point of interface, we’ll see multi-touchpoint and multisensory interactions such as advances in computer sensors and wearables.


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