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Looking after your employees

Looking after your employees mental well-being has never been more prevalent during these challenging times. Therefore, as an employer it’s important that you adapt quickly to these circumstances and implement flexible procedures and policies.

Flexible working

Juggling home schooling, family life and caring for elderly relatives can all impact on your employees ability to work from home. Therefore, a good place to start is to encourage your managers to have open conversations with their employees about how and when work can be accomplished. Allowing your employees to juggle their work around their family commitments alleviates the pressure on having to multi-task and ensures that they can focus on the task in hand. Furthermore, employees need to let their managers know what works for them and that they are committed and will get their objectives done to task.

Get social

For workers who have never worked from home, social isolation can be deeply felt. It’s extremely difficult to replicate daily interactions with colleagues over that morning coffee and with research finding that having reciprocal, supportive interactions with work colleagues is linked to well-being it’s really important to keep the momentum going. Therefore, encourage your employees to have virtual coffee breaks or lunches over Zoom, Whats-app or Skype. If they live on their own it’s important to keep them upbeat and positive so why not hold a get together through House Party in the evenings? Also continue to celebrate birthdays or hold regular quizzes through video conferencing. The most important thing is to check on them regularly and ensure their well-being is good.

Train and gain!

As we’re all staying indoors – it’s a great opportunity to allow your employees time to develop and to do that training course that not only benefits your business but builds your employees confidence. Many classroom based courses have now moved to online which gives employees a great opportunity to develop their skills and keep their minds active. Furthermore, why not use it as an opportunity to offer webinars on company objectives, business plans or procedures it’s a fantastic time to get your knowledge up to date!

Positive thinking

The pandemic is increasing people’s fear and stress levels, which can have serious consequences on your employees mental health.

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline has experienced an unprecedented jump in calls as people’s anxiety levels are pushed to the limit so it’s important as an employer that you can do all you can to look after your employees mental health.

Before the panademic many companies offered a variety of ways to support employee mental and physical health, from social activities to gym memberships. But with employees at home and gyms closed, companies need to redirect their efforts to foster employee well-being.

There are plenty of apps and websites that can act as temporary solutions throughout the panademic and employers can help by suggesting these to their employees and if paid offer to subscribe to them. Mindfulness sessions could also be offered online, through webinars or through virtual reality so that employees feel that they are getting a truly immersive experience.


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