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A Digital World Post Covid-19

Until we get a vaccine that will omit COVID-19 from the world we will have to continue to take precautions and social distance. It’s been an extremely worrying and challenging time but companies have been quick to adapt with working from home and video conferencing technology has become the norm for many of us. However, it’s also shown us that technology and systems that we had in place need to evolve to prepare for a post Coronavirus world these include:

Touch Screens vs Voice Recognition

The introduction of touch screens, cash machines, checking in systems once seemed like innovative propositions saving us time and effort when accessing cash, or checking in for appointments. However, COVID-19 has made us aware of the implications in touching surfaces that can transmit the disease and businesses will need to adapt to ensure their customers are protected. Therefore, we are likely to see more voice and vision interfaces. that recognise faces and gestures throughout industry that limit the amount of physical contact we make.

Digital Meets

As mentioned COVID-19 forced more people to work from home and in doing so has brought many people into a feeling of isolation. However, the world of digital has enabled us to conference call, hold meetings with colleagues and clients, join together with fitness training, continue with music lessons, and even socialise with our friends with quizzes and challenges. Our world is set to continue to see the benefits of digital meetings with international business travel scaled back and meetings being held from the comfort of our own homes.

Better Monitoring

We’re continually learning lessons from this experience and they will inform how we monitor future pandemics by using the internet of things technology and big data. National or global apps are already being worked on and we could see better tracking and early warning systems because they could report and track who is showing symptoms of an outbreak. GPS data can then be used to track where exposed people have been and who they have interacted with to show contagion.


With Doctor’s surgeries and hospitals closing their doors and consultations being done over the phone or via video conferencing Telemedicine is set to rise. This will reduce the pressure on our healthcare system and enable Dr’s and patients to conduct appointments in a leaner and faster fashion.

Shop online

COVID-19 has shown us that businesses that didn’t have an online provision have struggled to survive. Some high street stores who were reliant on “walk-in” customers have seen stock unsold, profits slipping and an uncertain future in front of them. Whereas those who have reinvented themselves and adapted to online deliveries have managed to keep in business with many of them thriving. As we move forward we will see more businesses taking this approach with sophisticated delivery options to ensure that customer satisfaction is a prerequisite.

Robot Wars

Robots aren't susceptible to viruses. Whether they are used to deliver shopping, monitor people in parks as shown in Singapore or to keep factories running, more companies will realise how robots can support us today and play an increasingly important role in a post-COVID-19 world or during future pandemics.

Digital Events

With restrictions in crowds and social distancing part of our future, we’ll see a rise in digital events. These could form part of immersive experiences through Virtual Reality, enabling users to feel like they are physically at an event, concert or festival but viewing from the safety of their own home.


With football matches, rugby, cricket and outdoor sports events cancelled people are turning to E-sports as an outlet for the sports experience. E-sports are currently thriving as a result and these are likely to be even bigger as people search for their next sporting fix.


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