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Our selection of the top trend for digital marketing this year!


With continuous technology growth and innovation, it is no surprise that everything relying on it must evolve at a similar pace and digital marketing is no exception!

Digital marketers are frequently struggling to keep up with new updates, advanced techniques and changes to algorithms. Therefore, it is crucial for all of them to be aware of emerging trends and to stay on top of their game.

As a brand-new decade approaches, we have selected the top marketing trends that you need to watch out for in 2020.


It’s increasingly unlikely to come across someone today who does not use any form of social media. Considering its ubiquitous it is no surprise that social media has become an integral and vital part of digital marketing. However, what may not be as obvious is the number of users utilising social media networks for online shopping.

This is indeed a tremendous opportunity for businesses, considering that 72% of Instagram users have already purchased a product via the app. Furthermore, another survey of more than 4.000 Pinterest users showed that 70% of users utilise the platform to find new and innovative ideas and products.

Luckily for businesses, these platforms have made it much easier for them to use the power of social media to reach larger target audiences and engage with their customers. Whether you are utilising Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat or TikTok, there are ways for e-commerce businesses to create shoppable posts, making it easy for the user to shop directly from the post whilst engaging with them through creating FOMO experiences and/or authentic content.

Social media platforms give you the opportunity to reach and engage with new customers quickly and easily, shortening the sales funnel and making it easier and more enjoyable for users to shop. Therefore, by 2020 we believe that shoppable posts will be the norm!


Personalisation has been emerging as a top trend in marketing and in 2020 it’s expected to be its finest year. Consumers increasingly are becoming turned off by generic advertisements that have no real connection and value for them. Accordingly, traditional advertising is becoming less effective if not personalised.

In a recent survey (1,000 people), 90% ranked personalisation as a vital appealing component of a marketing strategy. Furthermore, 80% admitted that they are more likely to interact with a company if they have been offered a personalised experience. Great examples of this are the mail list - an old practice of marketeers, that can be easily personalised. Segmented lists along with personalised email blasts have proven to perform very successful allowing you to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.


Today people are looking for new experiences when they shop. Whilst in store there are many different physical experiences that can be developed, for many users that shop online interactivity is a significant factor. Indeed, more than 91% of online consumers are seeking more visual and interactive content and the main reasons for that include:

  • Interactive content is new and unique and as such it stands out more.
  • This type of content is proven to maintain the users’ attention and keep them on your website longer.
  • Interactive content is immensely shareable and as such it is allowing you to reach larger target audiences and build a stronger brand awareness.
  • Finally, interactive content is highly engaging, and users enjoy it more than any other content.


In the past couple of years, both AR and VR have become extremely popular and undoubtedly have emerged as top trends in digital marketing. In 2020, AR is predicted to surpass VR in popularity and implementation, despite VR’s early lead.

Already, many major companies are implementing AR into their digital marketing strategies. A great example is IKEA where they have developed an app allowing their customers to visualise what a certain piece of furniture will look like in their actual home before making a purchase. Another great example is Nike who have incorporated AR within their online shop allowing its users to try the trainers before buying them through the use of their own cameras.


Customers are responding extremely well to visual content, making video content one of the most important and successful marketing tools for increasing engagement in 2019. Furthermore, it will continue to be an emerging trend in 2020 and beyond. However, live video or ephemeral content shouldn’t be overlooked. According to recent studies, live videos on Facebook and Instagram engage the audience three times longer than recorded ones. Furthermore, the daily watch time for Facebook Live videos has quadrupled in a single year and they deliver six times more interaction than traditional video.


For a couple of years content marketing has been a top trend in digital marketing and it’s here to stay! High-quality and relevant content allows you to show your expertise in a certain field and communicate with your audience from a place of authority, whilst gaining a high level of engagement. Furthermore, your content is one of the most crucial factors that search engines are applying into their algorithms. Therefore, continuing to produce high-quality content is a must if you want to keep a good ranking in online searches.


Digital marketeers might have been familiar with automation, but recently Google has announced that they are updating Google Ads with new features, allowing users to use automation and smart bidding. By implementing machine learning, Google Ads is smartly optimising your bids whilst giving you a few new abilities to maximise your conversion including:

  • Choosing conversion action accordingly at campaign level.
  • Setting your bids to change automatically under specific circumstances (i.e. sales start/stop).
  • Optimising your bid over multiple campaigns simultaneously with a chosen set of conversion actions.

Whilst there are a variety of new trends to look for in 2020, there are several marketing trends that have become extremely popular in the past few years and are expected to continue to grow into 2020.


Being No.1 on search engines is no longer the most desired goal. The hottest spot in SERP'S is now position zero. Position Zero is a featured snippet of text appearing above all of the search results. This prime position is providing relevant information to the search query along with a link to the page from which the information is featured. In fact, position zero is the first and often the only result that users view and click. Therefore, it is highly coveted and should be the new focus of your SEO efforts.

Whilst many businesses accept and appreciate the fact that marketing is continuously changing at an increasingly fast pace, only those who are willing to invest, adapt and evolve will continue attracting high-quality leads in a digital world.


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