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Video Kills It!

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Video is an imperative component of any successful marketing campaign and a prompt way to get consumers connected to your brand. With the average business publishing 18 videos each month and the rise of the video social influencer and micro influencers it's apparent that the focus on video marketing is set to continue and we’ve put together the hottest trends for 2019.

Business Vlogging

The rise of the Vlogger and Influencer has become enormous on Youtube with Vloggers filming their lives, holidays, brands they use and giving fitness and diet advice to an increasingly engaged audience. Brands know that if they target the right influencer their products can fly off the shelves and drastically increase their profits. TV presenter and model Holly Willoughby, is testament to this with one of her must have items selling out every two seconds in Marks and Spencer.

This space has slowly been invaded by businesses and entrepreneurs giving their insight , knowledge and tips into the world of work, setting up a new business or what sales and marketing strategies work for them. Furthermore, specifc business topics are also invading this terriitory focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In 2019 we will see more of the business world entering into this area becoming “Thought Leaders” on specific subjects and topics and creating a more personal connecting with their audiences than they have traditionally been used to.

Live video

With the introduction of Instagram Live, Facebook Live and other streaming platforms, live video for business will grow a larger audience in 2019. It’s personalisation creates an immediate conversation by enabling your audience to ask questions in real time and in turn creating a greater sense of engagement. Companies can utilise live video to showcase their products, create tutorials, demo’s and webinars and offer a range of live tours which immediately give greater insight into their business and we will see more get on board this year.

360-degree videos

Utilised by many travel companies, visitor attractions and estate agents, 360 videos have shown that they are a truly unique and interactive experience. In essence they are a fantastic showcase to experience what something is like before you’ve been there and a brilliant opportunity to promote your business in a positive light. Economical to create and not as difficult as you might think to produce (all you need is a good camera, Go-pro and stitching software for editing purposes) and you’re away! This year we are set to see more industries utilising them including manufacturing, car dealerships, exhibitions and museums, retail, events and promotions.

Ads on Youtube

For many years brands have placed their advertising budgets into large scale Television adverts fighting for premium places amongst the most popular TV programmes. However, with the demise in traditional TV viewing and the increase in on-demand and younger consumers turning their attention to You Tube, advertisers are rethinking their strategies. According to a Google-commissioned Nielsen study, on mobile alone, in an average week, YouTube reaches more adults 18-plus during prime time than any cable network. And with more companies turning to Youtube as a cheaper form of advertising and a greater reach as opposed to TV, this year is set to see an even greater increase for You Tube.

Virtual reality

Although still an emerging trend for many businesses Virtual Reality is set to become more mainstream this year with many organisations utilising it for learning and development purposes. With Virtual Reality (VR) simulation, learners have the power to fail, try out new solutions in a risk free setting, and see where their choices lead them. They can test how they'll react in stressful situations, identify performance gaps and prepare for different situations in a safe environment. Participants can tackle fire safety, work at heights, practice and develop their public speaking and presentation skills and see the impact that taking certain medicines has on their cells. The possibilities are endless!


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