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5 Great Benefits of Digital Transformation

Great Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in the workplace is essential to ensure that your business grows, becomes a thought leader and reaps the rewards from opportunities. Successful digital transformation needs to be embedded in a top/down culture with the CEO open to digital becoming part of its culture.

However, before beginning any form of digital transformation it is essential that organisations fully identify their end goal, whether it’s the need to digitally transform so that they can serve their customers better through products or services or through streamlining business processes.

Digital transformation has the potential to acquire major benefits for organisations and we’ve outlined some of these below:

Create a greater Customer Experience

Great customer experience is a prerequisite of creating a successful brand image and those companies who are embracing digital can offer a more engaging, interactive and fulfilling experience than their non-digital peers. Over 3.5 billion people are currently utilising the internet for online shopping, or spending time on social media through their smart phone, tablet or laptop and with google handling over 40,000 search queries every second it’s imperative that your business has a great presence online. In addition it's crucial that your site or app creates a great user experience and provides an intuitive and interactive customer journey.

Talent Attraction

Attracting and retaining talent is key to a successful workplace and the longevity of your business. Businesses that have implemented a successful digital transformation put themselves in pole position to attract the best talent in their industry. Talented individuals want to know that they are entering into an innovative and progressive workplace utilising the latest digital tools to create meaningful journeys for their customers. In addition creating a work life balance is deemed essential these days with employees being set up to work when and where they choose, offering flexible working and giving them the opportunity to be accountable for their own work and to meet their objectives.

Engage & Retain Employees

Attracting talent is essential in developing your organisation but what about engaging and retaining the employees that you already have? It can be very costly to replace an employee not only through the added expense in recruitment but also the time it costs in getting the new recruit trained and up to speed with work processes. Research has shown that companies that embrace digital transformation keep their employees engaged for longer, keep morale high and keep them connected. In addition many monotonous tasks are now being automated which means that employees can focus on more rewarding parts of their jobs which in turn gives them opportunities to contribute to the overall vision of the company.

Get Analytical

Analytical intelligence gives a huge advantage to businesses that choose to use it. Many successful digital leaders use analytics as guidance for their organisations particularly from a marketing perspective. Being in a position to track the analytics of your marketing campaign, to understand where your customers are coming from and to convert them into leads gives your business an advantage over your competitors. As a result your organisation will have greater marketing efficiency, accelerated business growth and an empowered sales department.


Digital transformation is more than investing in the latest technology. To embed digital into your workplace you need to invest in your people, establishing what skills are needed, how they work and ensuring that you are putting your people first. If you have a happy, skilled team, a team that feels they are being invested in and are given opportunities to develop their digital skills and make a positive contribution to your business you will create a can do culture which in turn will increase your profits! A recent study by Capgemini highlighted that digital leaders typically made 26% more profit than their non-digital counterparts but digital transformation ultimately depends on its people with the most innovative and forward looking companies committed to investing in their workforce to ensure they are properly equipped.


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