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Is traditional marketing dead?

The marketing industry has changed considerably over the past few years. Previously newspapers and magazines were once the prime spot to market and promote your products and services to. However, with the continuous development of technology and the world’s growing dependence on online resources, do our traditional routes to market still cut the mustard…?

With many businesses underestimating the success of traditional marketing methods as opposed to digital we take a look at 5 tried and tested approaches that still deliver exceptional results.

TV Advertising

One of the most effective marketing channels is television. It is true that TV marketing is more expensive, however many business have found this route to be highly profitable with great return on investment. From marketing iconic branded products to fast moving consumer goods, TV is still a significant way to reach a larger target audience. Although, many people are now subscribed to different streaming services, most people still have cable or satellite TV and many still watch TV live, meaning they are still exposed to advertising. In fact, many of the TV streaming brands play adverts, spreading the marketing niche, as it reaches the majority of TV watchers.

Radio Advertising

Just like television, commercial radio is still a thriving enterprise. Promoting brands, products and services by leveraging radio advertising has proven to be highly effective and efficient. Many people still listen to the radio on the way to or during work, often for news, music and live football commentary. For those who prefer listening to satellite radio or streaming online services such as Spotify and YouTube, there are still advertising slots allowing businesses to reach consumers through both traditional and streaming radio.

Outdoor Media

Another great marketing method is outdoor media with large billboards, bus shelters, bus rail and tube advertising. Billboards in particular make a splash if you are trying to make an impression in the heart of the city. You only have to look at Times Square, Leicester Square and Shibuya in Tokyo to see the impact billboard marketing has and how it allows brands to promote their products on a grand scale. Furthermore, with clever straplines, eye catching visuals and interactive design, billboards make an impression and grab your attention, making them a highly viable part of your marketing strategy.

Trade Shows

One of the best ways to simultaneously market business and build your network is through trade shows. Trade shows offer companies the opportunity to find the right investors, discover potential business partnerships and intensively promote their own products and business all in one place at the same time. This is still undoubtedly a brilliant method to get a product or brand into the minds of others.

Direct Mail & Print Marketing

Capitalising on print marketing in the form of simple flyers and direct mail is still a very profitable marketing mean. Almost every person still receives at least 1 direct mail per day, which by all means is a great opportunity for companies to deliver business information directly into the hands of potential consumers. Additionally, print marketing is relatively inexpensive and has proven to be very successful, making it a highly efficient and effective marketing method.


Although many tools in the traditional marketing mix have been replaced these tried and tested methods are still extremely beneficial for businesses and deliver great return on investment for your brand and products.

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