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Fututre of AR

2018 saw significant growth in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and 2019 is proving to be even bigger! Countless innovative projects have proven to the world that AR is bringing a unique commercial value that has great future potential and now experts are even turning its usage into real time customer applications.

The concept of Augmented Reality was established for the first time in 1968 by Ivan Sutherland who developed the first head-mounted display system. The system used computer generated graphics to show users simple wireframe drawings. This was followed in 1974 by Myron Krueger, building an “artificial reality” laboratory called the “Videoplace,”combining projectors with video cameras that emitted onscreen silhouettes surrounding users in an interactive environment. Decades later and AR slowly began to be used as an activity to easily enhance the growth of any business with its visual overlay and has been rapidly implemented in the industries of logistics, business, software, gaming, retail and marketing.

We’ve put together our predictions for the AR trends to watch out for this year.

Mobile AR

Mobile AR termed as USDZ (Universal Scene Description) is expected to be more open to third-party software than ever before. With the introduction of the AR headset there came further advanced development of AR usage which referred to measurements, predictable tracking, improvements rendering and 3D detections. Apple has showcased some of their exceptional experiences by sharing AR space whilst using this new file format for detecting objects.

Natural Experience

One of the biggest AR expectations of 2019 is the improvement in gesture recognition. There are certain issues like gaze direction, which are currently being worked on and companies are working on minimising the lags in its tracking. In 2019 we will see brands and organisations providing a natural experience to their users whilst resolving more issues due to its tracking ability. The final output will allow companies to use AR to detect the audience interest immediately when a user looks at an object or a product.

AR welcomes Extended Reality (XR)

XR is a form which alters reality digitally. It comprises of mind reality combining virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) together. These mixed realities bring their own unique and innovative purposes and origins. Their boundaries, differences and similarities overlap and combined together they are evidently growing even more. Experts predict that in 2019 we will see all of these realities performing successfully individually, however the biggest trend will be the joining of them all and their combined benefits – XR.

Enhancing Entertainment Field

The entertainment field is currently highly benefiting from advanced improvements in AR, making the best possible use of XR along with VR’s sphere. XR not only has the full-on potential to continue performing successfully in the entertainment field in the future, but it’s main focus is prioritising the entertainment field and becoming a leading opportunity for companies within it.

Modernised and Innovative Solutions

Any meaningful idea focused on boosting brand awareness or increasing sales could be combined with AR and could make for a successful campaign due to AR’s innovative abilities. With its rapid advancement and continuous improvements it will become more commonplace in marketing activity and brands will look to utilise it to make their campaigns stand out from their competitors.

Evolution but not Revolution.

Many top companies are trying hard to incorporate AR into a cross-platform environment by implementing it through greater ideas. Apple, for example, is currently working on incorporating AR directly into their browser, a key development that experts are predicting will be one of the most innovative solutions of AR this year. Furthermore, combined with XR technology we are expecting to see many businesses benefiting from more precise development algorithms and steady technology expertise.


Many technology experts are highlighting the significant benefits of AR as it is seen to be gaining momentum across industry and providing solutions for almost any topic. By including the use of AR within your project you can bring more advancement in multiple fields and 2019 is packed full of many surprises waiting to be released that will increase the current quality, efficiency and productivity of objects using AR. Brace yourself to witness the continuous growth of AR alone as well as in combination with VR, XR and AI!


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