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2019 Marketing Trends to Shout About!

Digital marketing is a fast, dynamic industry and to keep ahead of their competitors, boost their brand awareness and raise sales, marketeers need to keep up to date with current trends and strategies.

Here are 7 of the biggest digital marketing trends outlined for 2019:

Content Clusters

New search engines are now showing a preference for clusters of content around particular topics, instead of favouring keywords. Therefore marketeers need to link their content to form clusters around pillars relevant to their category, to improve their SEO.

Topic clusters are giving signals to search engines informing them that you are an expert in a particular category; which means that you are more likely to gain the top spot of a searched list.

“Snack Ads”

“Snack Ads” are short videos – less than 10 seconds long. Nowadays, due to the abundance of video content, people are developing much shorter attention spans, making it very difficult for brands to produce a video that can capture the consumers’ attention.

According to recent studies, 89% of the audience are engaged with ads for less than 10 seconds, therefore by the time a video is shown for 60 seconds almost half of the audience has lost interest! This is precisely where “Snack Ads” come into play. It is expected in 2019 to see many more shorter ads so that brands can keep their audience engaged.


There is a significant increase in the usage of Chatbots to increase the customer service experience and it is predicted that by the end of 2019, 85% of customer interaction will be carried out by them. Chatbots are not only highly effective for mass communication, but they also allow 24/7 two-way communication between your audience and your company. As a result of which, you will benefit from boosted customer satisfaction, raised social media response rates, improved SEO, increased WOM and greater brand recognition.


Blockchain is used in almost every industry, but it has a promising future within marketing. With audiences being exposed to so much content it is hard for brands to stand out, interact with them and keep them engaged. Recently marketeers have begun to use blockchain to incentivise their audience to engage with them through feedback, commenting or tagging friends.


Social media influencers are drastically increasing their popularity as a highly effective and efficient digital advertising tool amongst marketeers. In the past, brands have used influencers simply to endorse products/services, however, consumer savvy audiences are becoming less receptive to it. Therefore, brands are now adopting more suitable approaches and are willing to develop long-term relationships with their influencers, leading to opportunities for both parties to grow together and deliver more organic endorsements.


The marketing/advertising industry has from time to time received negativity with its audiences due to exaggerated promises and unethical advertising techniques. This has resulted in audiences becoming harder to impress and much more reluctant to believe their pitch. Additionally the abundance of information, reviews, etc. available, is leading to a more clued up audience, who are ready to shout about the shortcomings of brands.

Therefore, many brands have adopted the approach of pure transparency, openly admitting where there are faults as well as addressing negative feedback directly. Furthermore, a combination of a transparent approach and open two-way communication channels will help brands to develop better relationships with their consumers and build trust amongst their audience.

Mobile Marketing

According to recent statistics:

  • On average users spend 8.8 hours mobile browsing daily compared to 2.4 hours desktop browsing.
  • In 2019, 79% of advertising spend will be on mobile advertising.
  • 88% of users searching local businesses on their mobiles visit it within 24 hours.

Taking into consideration how many people are using their mobiles and having access to the internet anywhere proves evidently the importance of mobile marketing. Therefore, brands need to put a greater focus on mobile marketing campaigns and strategies.


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