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Digital marketing is a constantly changing industry and what may have worked effectively for you last year may not be as beneficial for 2019. Lead generation and converting these into actual business is the lifeblood of creating a successful organisation and it is no longer enough to create a single marketing funnel and expect high return on investment.

Effective leads are based on building trust and intimacy with your customers and then convincing them you are the most relevant choice. You need to become the go to brand and at the forefront of consumers’ minds by paying close attention to the latest digital marketing trends.

Relevancy is demanded

The marketing game has changed and it is no longer about collecting the most email addresses and/or leads. Those with the longest lists used to dominate their niche, but this no longer works as consumers crave greater relevance and intimacy.

In 2019, relevancy will outweigh the competition. In order to increase your profits you will have to focus on building greater relevance and intimacy with the leads you have, providing the right solution, to the right audience, at the right time.

Attention is the new target

If you are failing to capture the right attention, it means that you are failing to compete with your competitors. Consumers are bombarded with messages that are insignificant and irrelevant to them. Therefore, it is your opportunity to grab their attention through meaningful and relevant messaging which ultimately will capture their loyalty and wallet!


The ability to reach the masses is an incredible feat and defines precisely what it means to be omnipresent to your target audience. This does not mean you have to appear everywhere and to everyone, as it is both pointless and expensive. No, the idea of becoming omnipresent is to appear to those leads most relevant to you and who you are most relevant to in return. The combination of relevance and omnipresence is enabling you to get into their mindset, which in turns ensures your target audience knows likes and trusts your brand.

One social media platform is not enough

If you believe that dominating a single online platform is enough, think again. Your leads on Facebook are not on LinkedIn, and those on LinkedIn are completely different to those following you on YouTube. Therefore, the key to your success is re-purposing your content across multiple social media platforms.

Previously this was a really expensive and time-consuming experience, however, now you can easily take a single video and repurpose it into an in-depth article, a blog post, a podcast episode and other additional resources.

Your marketing funnel needs to evolve

You can no longer build your brand based on a single marketing funnel that is taking your target audience through a predefined step-by-step process. They are onto you! They have already been in many marketing funnels like this. To deliver a successful marketing funnel, it has to standout, create an experience and build significant trust.

Become their go-to expert!

It used to be enough if your ad spend was mainly focused on lead generation and sales, but not anymore. Nowadays, it is all about brand awareness! That's not to say lead generation is not important, because it is, but you must aim to nurture your audience, not only sell to them.

To stay on the right track, you need to stop forcing multiple sales messages to your audience. Gaining their trust takes time and you need to become their “go-to” expert with meaningful and relevant content.


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