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5 P's of Social Media Marketing

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Social media platforms are continuously growing as well as their users, whilst allowing more brands to allocate their resources on developing a great social media strategy and reaching their target audience easily. However, brands tend to be successful on social media when they are covering all of the essentials provided by a good social media marketing strategy.

A great way to ensure that you are on the right track is by applying the “5 P’s” methodology which will help you outline the essential strategic elements. This methodology is usually implemented within a content marketing strategy; however, it can be applied to social media marketing too. The 5P’s include:


Planning and organising are the foundations for great success. The plan should start with defining your objectives. Once the objectives are outlined clearly, you need to plan the best way to maximize your return; the creativity requirements of your campaign, the marketing channels and all the tools or technology that you will need to deliver your message and maintain your social media accounts. This is the stage when you need to consider your goals and/or benchmarks and outline the way you will measure the success of your social media presence and overall social media marketing.


The next step is the actual content creation. This could be allocated with department in-house or hire a professional content creator. At this stage you need to plan your main content piece along with any visual content (images or video) that you want to create to support and promote your content further.


Now that you have your social media marketing plan and content ready, you need to utilise the right marketing channels for your campaign's objectives and goals. If you are seeking an increase in your web traffic you can publish your content to a blog on your website or as a guest blog on another website. If you want to grow your email list think about gating your content on a landing page on your website. If you want to extend your audience reach on social media networks then solely publish it there.


To promote is the way that you’ll give your content legs. While most people correlate “promote” with “money”, this isn’t necessarily true, posting on social media platforms organically is actually promoting your content. You may consider other promoting strategies such as sending an email to you subscribers, including your unique email signature. However, if you want to give your content an extra push, planning aside a budget for social media ads is always helpful for reaching a greater audience and gaining more engagement.


The last step is to prove what tactics worked and the overall campaign success. The goals and benchmarks outlined in the beginning are coming in handy at this stage. You should keep track of all your analytics, hashtags, clicks, downloads or any other Key Performance Indicators that you have identified. Finally, quantify all of the information and put together a summarised report of how your social media marketing campaign has proved successful.


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