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How Canva can help you boost your social media engagement?

Canva is an online software tool that  offers easy to-use features and functionality to everyone interested in creating engaging visual content. It provides an opportunity for both professional and non professional designers to quickly create, high-quality images by using different templates of marketing materials, presentations, ads, invitations, documents, email headers, social post, etc.

Here is how you can benefit from it by creating outstanding social media content:

  1. Facebook cover photos

Periodically updates, on the Facebook cover photo  are highly beneficial for companies because:

  • Every change in the cover photo counts as a post, boosting the social media activity of the company;
  • Every update allows the company to highlight something specific leading to more effective social media campaign tailoring;
  • It shows that the company has the ability to clearly communicate its holiday/seasonal spirit, which is significantly increasing the social media engagement.

Therefore, Canva has developed “Faceboock Cover Photo” template choice with the specific image size required for Facebook,  allowing its users to create high-quality images without having to worry if the photo will be rejected by Facebook’s bots. Moreover, by using this template you won’t have to worry if the image will be partly cut off, which is saving you time and hassle.

  1. Branded images

According to recent studies, visual content is more likely to be shared rather than editorial. However, many companies have been struggling to develop original content which will not be forgotten in a sea of uploads and downloads. Therefore, in order to avoid such an outcome, companies must make sure their brand is getting the credit for the image by adding the company’s website URL or social media accounts in one of the image’s corners or along the side of it.

Canva has changed the rules of the game by developing templates for branded images, allowing its users to communicate their company’s logo or contact details within the image through the watermarks on it. When using those branded images, no matter how the images have been shared, viewers can  recognise the brand that has created it, leading to an increase in the brand awareness of the company.

  1. `Pinnable` blog and website images

The company’s website is the hub of its online presence. Therefore,  to increase the viewers engagement, the company must make sure that their visitors can  easily pin the page content and blog posts to their personal Pinterest board. Furthermore, by developing links between the company’s website and the Pinterest account, more people can  be redirected to the website when they click on a pin originated by the organisation. This  allows the company to expand its audience and increase its website traffic.

With an aim  to make the online presence of a company more engaging, Canva  offersa Blog Graphic section where its users can create stylish, eye-catching images designed  to be shared. Moreover, recently Canva introduced a new layout specifically designed to create engaging Pinterest images.

  1. “This or that” and other question templates

Within the extended range of templates offered by Canva, there are some cool two-coloured, split-down-the-middle layouts that invite engagement with various types of posts. Asking simple questions with A or B answers is a smart way for companies  to get  their audiences talking and to  receive  feedback on decisions that the company intends to take, whilst also gaining an insight of its audience’s preferences.

Engagement has been ranked as the main focus for the majority of  time on social media and questions are inherently engaging and an  excellent choice to build new relationships between companies and customers.

  1. Reviews

Last but not least, Canva is offering a solid range of templates used for writing and sharing reviews on different social media platforms including: Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, Yelp, etc. Therefore, instead of just typing the review as a text into a post, the review image is providing much more eye-catching visual content that tends to be shared more  across social media platforms.


A successful marketing strategy in 2018 depends on creating an omnichannel customer experience, integrated across different platforms and including leveraging social media engagement as a means of reaching your audience.

If you need help with your blogging or social media content creation, contact 10 Digital and find out how we can boost you social media engagement and raise your brand awareness.


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