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SME advice - 10 Ways to Generate Business Leads Online

Whether your business is an SME or a larger organisation, the success of your business relies on acquiring leads and for those to ultimately convert into sales. When starting out, those few sales can ultimately keep your business afloat and are invaluable. When you’re launching a new business, brand awareness will also be a major priority for you. So how do you get your name out there and in essence, attract attention and generate leads that convert into sales?

Your website is one of the key ways to attract leads to your business but it’s important to make sure your website is well adapted for lead generation and lead capture. Find out how with our top 10 tips below.

  1. Contact information

A great place to start is by reviewing your website content. It’s essentially your shop window and will say a great deal about who you are as a business. It may sound simple but many websites fail to make their contact information really clear.  Many sites only have this information on the contact us page. Place a phone number, email address and social media buttons on the home page and throughout making it really visible - ideally in the top right-hand corner. With many people choosing to go straight to social media for customer service inquiries, it’s a good idea to have an option to contact you via social channels. In fact, 34% of people now use Twitter as their preferred customer service channel.

  1. Call to action

On each page you should give your audience a call to action. Whether it’s download our e-book for more information, check out our whitepaper on, or simply contact us today for a quote. Make sure there are different ways to capture data on your site not just on the contact us page asking people to fill in a form. Give them a reason to want to share their details.

  1. Blog

A blog on your website is an ideal way of attracting in referral traffic. Once you start placing content online, it’s a great way of creating awareness of your business and giving people a reason to visit your site. Create content that your target audience would be interested in reading based on your audience or buyers persona. Think about who would be interested in your business and why what information do they want/need to know about this industry. By providing informative content, you can also position yourself as an industry leader and people will actively seek you out and see you as a go-to source of information. By creating consistent and relevant content, you will attract an audience who will time and time again come back to your site. Businesses that blog receives 67% more leads (Hubspot).Social media campaigns and messages can help to drive traffic to your site if you’re posting timely and relevant content.

    4. Social Media

Post your blog and news articles onto your social channels engage with your audience and don’t be too overly promotional. Add links to your social media messages to your blogs providing a call to action and drive them to key pages on your site to capture their data.

    5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation of a range of content including blogs, infographics, e-books and whitepapers that aren’t obviously promotional or “one-way” – (telling your desired audience to buy your products) but it seeks to inform and advise and create a two-way engagement. It is by creating valuable content that enables you to attract your audience who are looking to satisfy their knowledge and entertainment needs. “How to” articles and top ten type posts do particularly well. 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to achieve lead generation.

    6. Influencers

Work with industry influencers, bloggers, YouTubers or publications. Offer to write content giving tips and advice, or ask a blogger if you can write a guest post on their site so you can capitalise on an audience.

   7. Provide Value

In terms of providing valuable content, it’s a good idea to think about your businesses positioning. What do you do best at? Seek to showcase this and your expertise through online discussions and webinars. Let people know on social media that you’re holding a Q and A session. Always give people a reason to come back to your site. If you’re providing valuable content, you can be considered as a trusted company who knows their industry and in turn, your potential consumers will think of you when they want a related product.

   8. Live Chat

When people are coming to your website, they may be ready to buy and want to know the answer to their product question straight away. Having to email or phone or wait for a message on social to be answered can take time. Set up a live chat to maximise your chances of a lead turning into a sale. Try a product such as Pure Chat which converts into an email capture form when you’re offline, so you’re never missing a sales opportunity.

  9. Forums

Posting answers to questions on Quora, Yahoo answers and offering advice on industry related forums is a great of boosting your businesses profile. In your answers on Quora, add a link to your blog, for instance, offering a more in-depth insight linking back to your website.

  10. Get some help 

There are two main things to consider – how to bring in leads and making sure your site is well adapted to convert those leads. Creating consistent and valuable content is the best way to attract traffic to your site and in turn, it’s important to make sure you have all of the right content and data capture information on your site. Creating this content can be time-consuming but it’s important to maximise your content creation efforts to bring in some leads. Perhaps you could draft in a digital marketing agency to help with this content creation. If you’d like more help or guidance, 10 Digital can help.

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