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Why your business needs a blog

It’s highly recommended that any business that has a website has a blog. There are a multitude of reasons for this and a wealth of benefits that can be reaped for your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why you really need to blog and why it should be a vital part of your businesses marketing strategy. Companies that blog receive 66% more leads than those that don’t. Discover below why you need a blog.

Content marketing

Writing a blog is great for brand awareness if you create content that is topical and relevant within your industry when people are searching for articles related to this content they can find your blog in the search results. This can really help with your brand awareness. Think about the FAQ’s your target audience would ask about your industry or products and this is a great place for you to start. Create your blog or vlog content around this. Or search on a tool such as Buzzsumo to see what the most popular articles are related to this topic.

Referral traffic

When someone lands on your blog, ensuring you have a call to action that links to relevant pages on your website can provide you with referral traffic to your website.

Thought Leader

Writing content offering advice and tips around your products or industry can help to position you as a thought leader. Creating a blog offering content that helps to clarify things happening in the industry or jargon busters can enable you to appear more down to earth and a more accessible company. You could even create fun and helpful advice about how to use a product. For instance, if you have a garden business, create content which is topical and relevant for that particular business. Create a content calendar and consider what your target audience may be thinking about right now. As it’s summer, they may be looking for articles on:

  • How to weed effectively
  • Design ideas for a beautiful summer garden
  • How to make your own edible garden

Social media content

Creating a blog is a great way of providing your social media accounts with content. Post your articles on your relevant accounts in line with your target audience. 

Helps Google Ranking

A blog on your website indicates to Google that you have an active website and websites with a blog are 434% more likely to be indexed. This means that Google crawls your site for new content, gives it a scoring, figures out how relevant it is to a user's search and will then boost your website up the rankings and enable your blog to appear when someone is searching on a certain topic related to your blog. This is also a great way of getting noticed.

How often should you blog?

Ideally, you should try to blog at least once a week. Create a content calendar and get your ideas going and then you can have a place to schedule content. Get as many people in the business involved in generating ideas and contributing to the blog, that way you will find you’ll always have fresh content to post.

Need help Blogging?

It’s not always easy finding the time to blog when you’re trying to run a business full time, particularly if you don’t have a marketing team or a lot of manpower. If you’d like help blogging or looking after your social media content, get in touch to find out more about our content marketing packages.

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