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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is hot in the marketing world right now. It seems to be the buzz term everyone’s using. Influencer marketing has become so effective because at the core of the marketing tactic is word of mouth marketing. People are happy to take recommendations from their peer group. Word of mouth is powerful in itself but when your brand is being endorsed by someone who has a large fan base, loyal followers and subscribers who value what content they’re creating; having them endorse or mention your brand can go a long way.

Influencers that are used by brands normally have a large audience following on social media or have a large number of subscribers to their channels. Brands can then capitalise on reaching a new audience that is already engaged and trust the influencer.

Regardless of your industry and size of your company, influencer marketing can benefit a range of industries from fashion to finance. Check out below how brands across all sectors are utilising influencer marketing to their advantage and the results!



Zara have collaborated with fashion blogger Teesh Rosa to cleverly showcase their products. They posted a video showing her wearing the products and used the hashtags #iamdenim. Teesh is a prolific instagrammer, so was a great person to work with to advertise their products.


The video has managed to get more than 360,000 views.


Prolific fashion and beauty blogger Zoella has collaborated with showing fans what she’s bought from the online fashion brand.  In her video she shows fans the outfits and tries some outfits on, in a similar way you would show your friends after you’ve bought something. This is essentially the effectiveness of influencer marketing. The relationships between bloggers/vloggers and their audience are likened to those of friends. With this, when people have an “influencer” recommend a product, it’s more likely they go straight from brand awareness to the buying stage as they don’t need the time to consider or think about the purchase as the trusted source has validated it for them already. In fact, according to Katherine Karp,  nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer,”.

The video alone has nearly 2.5 million views and 10,000 comments. The reach is massive and the large audience have tuned in to see what Zoella bought from Boohoo. This is a massive endorsement for the brand and has placed Boohoo in front of a large, relevant, engaged audience.

In the video, there is also a link back where you can buy this item of clothing – along with a link to how you can win £500 to spend on clothes.


Boohoo saw a 17% sales boost on the back of the collaboration with Vlogger Zoella.



Marriot partnered with YouTuber Casey Neistat where he travelled to various places sharing his entire experience with Marriott. The campaign looked more natural as a day in the life advert, rather than a scripted advertorial. One of the best things to do when working with influencers is to give them the reigns in what they say and how their content is created and to let them have some freedom in what is being said.


An influencer is essentially an authority in their niche, not just someone who just has a large social media following but someone who knows about a certain industry. They have a large audience following where their followers highly respect their views. Influencers aren’t just for I-phone wielding, Snapchat loving millennials but can work across a range of platforms appealing to the masses.

Utilising influencers can also enable you to target a new emerging audience, for instance younger people. Using influencers to help spread the word about important financial topics can help to grab the attention of these early engagers.

American Express

America Express worked with six influential artists and entrepreneurs to create the My Amex campaign. They handed over their accounts which saw the group posted images about how AmEx have impacted on their business.


Engagement was increased by 23% and had 10 million impressions within 2 weeks.

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